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ES&A Staff
We assist our clients by identifying significant resource issues early the design process to reduce the risk of costly delays and redesign efforts due to unanticipated regulatory constraints.

ES&A staff members are specialists in wetland assessment, environmental permitting, ESA compliance or a combination of these disciplines.

Wallace Leake
Principal/Senior Environmental Scientist
Wallace has over 20 years of professional experience providing site planning services and preparing environmental documentation. Wallace has expert knowledge of federal and state regulatory policies related to wetland and waterway impacts, mitigation planning and land use.
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Jack Dalton
Principal/Senior Wetland Scientist
Jack has over 20 years of experience in environmental assessment involving wetland assessment and permitting, habitat assessment, plant surveys, bird surveys and wildlife research. His educational background has focused in the Pacific Northwest, providing him with expert knowledge of habitats and plant communities in this region.
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Kim Reavis
Wetland Scientist
Kim has 12 years of experience conducting wetland delineations, critical areas inventories, stream habitat surveys, surface water sampling and preparing wetland delineation and site assessment technical reports.
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Kim Sanderford
Wetland Scientist 
Kim joined ES&A in 2019. 
Kim has over 5 years of experience collecting and analyzing environmental data, developing plant community mitigation/monitoring plans and preparing wetland delineation, site assessment reports and planting plans.
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Elli Dalton

Wetland Technician 
Elli joined ES&A part-time in 2017. Elli
 assists in field investigations and prepares reports for wetland delineations and site assessments, marketing, and administrative tasks.
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