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desert shooting star plant

Environmental Science & Assessment (ES&A) provides natural resource assessment and environmental permitting services for municipalities, industry, and private developers.


ES&A staff possess extensive experience in environmental planning and natural sciences. We work daily with local, state, and federal regulators to address our clients' site assessment, planning, and permitting needs.


ES&A offers specialties in wetland assessment, environmental permitting, botany, and Endangered Species Act compliance. We have completed hundreds of projects in the Portland Metro area since founding ES&A in 2000. Our extensive local experience and highly attentive staff serve our clients well.


We assist our clients by identifying significant resource issues early in the design process to reduce the risk of costly delays and redesign efforts due to unanticipated regulatory constraints.


ES&A staff members are specialists in wetland assessment, environmental permitting, ESA compliance, or a combination of these disciplines.


phone:  503-478-0424

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