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Seaside SD K-12

Wetland Permitting

ES&A prepared the wetland/waters permitting required for the Seaside SD K-12 project in Seaside, Oregon.  Jack served as project manager for permitting tasks including the Compensatory Wetland Mitigation (CWM) plan, impact assessment and off-site stream mitigation plan for the US Army Corps and Department of State Lands wetland JPA.  CWM plan provided mitigation for the proposed impacts to on-site wetland and intermittent waterways within the K-12 facility footprint.  ES&A staff also prepared the wetland delineation to document wetlands and other jurisdictional water resources.

Portland Bureau of Environmental Services 

Wetland Delineation Report & Functional Assessment

ES&A was on team contracted with the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) to conduct wetland delineations for a channel restoration project within the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge in Oaks Bottom Park and a Johnson Creek RM 9.6 floodplain project. The Oaks Bottom channel restoration project will enhance the general quality of habitat by restoring a historic channel that connects the Willamette River to the main open water portion of the refuge. The Johnson Creek restoration project aimed at enhancing the floodplain functions by designing and constructing flood storage and flood attenuation in a segment of Johnson Creek.  ES&A delineated all wetland resources on these sites, completed a baseline functional assessment on wetlands and creek channel and submitted the  findings to the Oregon Department of State Lands (ODSL).


TriMet Portland to MIlwaukie Light Rail Transit

ES&A prepared the joint Section 404/Removal-Fill permit (JPA) for construction to USACE and DSL for the TriMet Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail project. Project work also included preparing the joint Section 404/ Removal-Fill permit application for geotechnical investigations and conceptual mitigation plans.  The JPA includes permitting for the Willamette River crossing, as well as crossings of six additional waterways and wetlands.

THPRD Somerset West Park MP

Wetland Assessment and Permitting

ES&A completed field data collection, impact analysis, on-site wetland delineation and  joint Section 404/Removal-Fill permit for proposed Master Plan improvements of this existing park in Beaverton, Oregon. They assisted the design team in the assessment of invasive species removal, daylighting an existing piped creek and integrating restoration planting and naturalized planting with free play areas within the park setting. 

Portland Water Bureau – Sandy River Enhancement

Impact Assessment & Permit Support

ES&A was contracted by The City of Portland Water Bureau to provide technical support for Joint Permit Applications (JPA) for two off-channel restoration projects along the Sandy River in Oregon. The proposed projects plan to restore off-channel aquatic habitat within the Sandy River main stem floodplain.  Wetland determination data was collected and mapped within the proposed channel alignments and at the locations of any jurisdictional water or wetland resource. Existing conditions mapping was used by Portland Water Bureau to improve proposed off-channel alignment design and ES&A provided technical support in the preparation of the JPA narrative and exhibits. 

Other Projects:

Clean Water Services Vegetation Monitoring

Plant & Shade Monitoring

ES&A conducted annual vegetation monitoring for Clean Water Services (CWS) from 2009 through 2018. Tasks included recording cover data for all plant species, stem counts for native woody species, measuring canopy cover, and photo monitoring.  Data was used to assess plant growth and morality, invasive species cover, natural recruitment, woody plant density, plant species diversity, effectiveness of/need for herbivory protection, and other limiting factors.

Sellwood Bridge

Environmental Permitting

ES&A provided environmental permitting services for Multnomah County's Sellwood Bridge Replacement project.  Tasks included acting as regulatory agency liaison, identification of critical path permit issues and required technical studies to support permit requests, and preparation of state and federal wetland fill permits, Coast Guard bridge permit and ODFW fish passage plan

Port of Portland SIDC-TRIP Weir Improvements, Fairview, Oregon

Impact Assessment & Permit Support

ES&A preformed as a subcontractor for an environmental assessment of a mitigation project surrounding a flow control structure in Fairview Oregon. The overall project aims to replace the existing flow control structure on Port of Portland Land. A wetland delineation report as well as a Joint Permit Application (JPA) was completed and turned into the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) and U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).