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ES&A provides natural resource assessment and environmental permitting services for local, state, and federal agencies, industry, and private developers. We have completed hundreds of projects in Oregon and Washington since founding ES&A in 2000. ES&A staff possess extensive experience in environmental planning and natural sciences. We work daily with local, state, and federal regulators to address our clients' site assessment, permitting, and planning needs.


ES&A has worked on many projects requiring natural resource assessments and environmental permits. We work with multi-disciplinary design teams on larger public and smaller private development projects. Our primary focus is communicating to our clients and the project design teams the local, state, and federal requirements to obtain natural resource permit approvals and then navigating the most efficient path through the environmental permitting process. 


ES&A’s most valuable resource is its professional staff. Each has significant expertise in providing consulting services for local clients, including assessing natural resources, preparing biological reports, and obtaining permits from local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. All work exclusively to provide environmental services to Oregon and SW Washington clients.

Ed Hodges, PE
Curran McLeod Inc.

"Also wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate your firm's work on these types of matters. You guys seem to be able to make the complicated simple when it comes to wetlands and other similar type issues and it sure helps us out."

"ES&A's work is professional, first rate and of high value. For our 102 acre industrial park ES&A designed and managed a technically difficult multi-million dollar wetland restoration project involving resolution of tangled legal issues and permitting from five City, State and Federal agencies".

Kevin Loftus
Jameson Partners LLC

"ES&A is our 'go to' consultant. They always deliver a high-quality product and on time."

Mandy Flett
Otak, Inc.



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